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Main: 702-967-8900
Fax: 702-492-2177

FEDEX, UPS, and Mailing Address:
JT4 LLC Corporate Office:
821 Grier Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89119

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  • Doing Business With JT4

    As a new JT4 Vendor, JT4's Purchasing Office requires some basic information about your company.  JT4 needs a certification of your Vendor information, and the on-line certification form is expected to be available on 1 Oct 2018.

    To get started as a JT4 Vendor, please email some basic company information, and your product line card to our Vendor Support Contact:  JT4, New Vendor Line Card.

  • Corporate Communications and Marketing

    EMail marketing, advertising, and public relations inquiries to the Corporate Communications office.

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