First job, forever career

JT4 offers many first job opportunities for those who are just starting their careers. With so many different job categories, even if your first job is not a perfect fit, you can explore many other possibilities without having to leave the company.

Summer internships

JT4’s paid internship program allows undergraduate students pursuing STEM subjects to apply their education and skills to real-world situations and gain professional experience in their fields of study.

Jump start program

Launched in 2010, the JT4 Jump Start Program was born of a collaborative partnership between JT4 and the College of Southern Nevada (CSN). It provides individuals without prior technical experience with a path forward to a rewarding career as an electronic technician.

Cleared for employment

Almost every position at JT4 requires a security clearance. Find out more about what it takes to obtain and maintain this important employment credential.

Resume and interview tips

Starting your professional career can be a daunting process, and we would like to help you succeed in finding a job that is right for you at JT4. Our Corporate Recruiting team has put together the following tips to help you navigate your job search.


Submitting a polished, concise and well-rounded resume is your first opportunity as an applicant to make a positive impression.

  • Limit your resume to one page, single-spaced.
  • Include a one-sentence objective at the very top of the page that explains why you are a good fit for the position for which you are applying. Try to connect how your experience/skills would help the company achieve its objectives. 
  • List your education and certifications below your objective. If you did not complete your degree or if your degree is still in progress, don’t leave it out!  Just be sure to indicate the status of each degree or certification.      
  • Be clear and concise by boldfacing employers, positions held and dates of tenure. 
  • Avoid lengthy lists of job responsibilities—only include responsibilities that apply to the requirements of the position to which you are applying. This means you will most likely need to revise your resume multiple times during your job hunt.
  • Use a simple, standard font such as Calibri or Times New Roman and avoid lavish or cursive fonts. 
  • Save your resume in PDF format to avoid formatting issues or encryption upon submission. 
  • Only include your employment history from the past 10 years, unless a particular position is essential for highlighting required skills.
  • Include all relevant projects and internships, even if they were unpaid or student projects.
  • Include employment dates.  They are useful tools recruiters use to determine levels of experience.
  • Graduation dates are not necessary.  However, if the degree is still in progress or if it is incomplete, be sure to specify that clearly.
  • Cover letters are optional.

Interview tips

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, so at JT4, we do our best to make the experience a comfortable one for you. You can also do your part to make the experience easier by knowing what to expect and preparing accordingly. Here are some additional tips that you may find helpful.

  • Dress in business casual or business professional attire.
  • Your appearance should be neat, clean and professional.
  • Anticipate traffic and familiarize yourself with the interview location in advance.
  • Be prepared with a list of 3-4 questions to ask the interviewer.
  • Arrive to the interview rested and energized.
  • If the interview is being conducted online, ensure your device is charged and updated and that you have access to a quiet room where you can hold the interview.