Corporate headquarters

JT4 Corporate is committed to providing administrative and business operations support to each of our range management offices, so each location can focus on providing customers with the highest levels of engineering and technical support. While the customers or the exact nature of the work may vary at each range, our company mission, vision, values and goals remain the same––to be the premier provider of joint test, tactics, training and technology support.

A message from leadership

JT4 Operations serves as a key function in ensuring that all of the ranges that JT4 supports can operate, maintain and sustain necessary infrastructure and analyze the data produced from these systems in order to execute the nation’s vital test and training requirements. We are proud to employ a diverse and extremely talented workforce with some of the most highly skilled people in the industry—they are what make the mission happen on a daily basis, and they are what make JT4 exceptional!

The enterprise

Our corporate staff provide critical services to not only our headquarters office, but the entire JT4 Enterprise, which refers to our operations at each of seven other unique locations in support of the Air Force Test Center, 412th Test Wing; the Nevada Test and Training Range; the Space Test and Training Range; the National Training Center, Green Flag West; the Point Mugu Sea Range; the China Lake Ranges, and the Utah Test and Training Range.

Our lineage

Throughout our history, JT4 has had impressive parentage. From Hughes Aircraft Company to Raytheon, our company has been owned by some of the biggest names in defense contracting. Currently, we are a wholly owned subsidiary of Amentum, a premier global government and private-sector organization whose experience, passion and purpose drive mission success. Together, we share the same culture of safety, operational excellence and unwavering dedication to customer needs.

Where we work

JT4 Corporate is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our main office is situated minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip, with a secondary campus less than two miles away. Our various departments are split evenly between the two facilities.

JT4’s main office has served as corporate headquarters for over 20 years and will continue to be the focal point of program management for the J-Tech II Contract for many years to come. The following support functions are based at this location:

  • Executive Offices
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Operations
  • Security
  • Training
JT4’s business operations campus is a hub of continual activity. The 58,000 square-foot, single-story building houses office space, conference rooms, classrooms, labs, storage and other amenities including a courtyard and a self-service cafeteria. The following departments are housed at this facility:
  • Configuration and Data Management
  • Information Technology
  • Procurement
  • Project Management and Systems Engineering
  • Quality Assurance
  • Recruiting
  • Safety
  • Software Development

Communications excellence

JT4 Corporate is responsible for producing and updating several types of documentation. These include corporate policies and procedures that govern the JT4 Enterprise; metrics, reports and briefings that are contractual deliverables (CDRLS) to our government customer; and memos and newsletters that keep employees and their families apprised of important information. We are dedicated to transparency and providing clear information to those we hire and with whom we do business. In fact, over the years, many of our employee communications have been awarded commendations from the Las Vegas chapters of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

It is an honor and privilege to work for JT4. I love my job, the people and what the company stands for—to be part of a team that supports such a critical mission is truly inspirational. JT4 offers phenomenal career opportunities, educational programs and service to the community. In the three years I have worked for JT4, I have had access to incredible resources that helped me grow both personally and professionally. I have advanced from Environmental, Safety and Health (ES&H) Administrative Assistant to ES&H Specialist and am in the process of getting my bachelor’s degree in business administration with plans for a master’s degree in occupational health and safety after that. I cannot speak highly enough about JT4!

Where we live

Although our corporate staff may travel to remote sites in support of our numerous locations, their permanent desks are found at our corporate offices, allowing them to live in fabulous Las Vegas and its surrounding suburbs.
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Contact Us

Main Office:
821 Grier Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Business Operations:
585 E. Pilot Road
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 97875
Las Vegas, NV 89199

Office: 702.492.2100
Fax: 702.492.2177